Edcara View Homes is an innovative builder with a reputation for delivering excellent homes that ensure the best value for client investment. With extensive experience in the industry and many custom homes built, Edcara View Homes maintains an exceptional reputation with clients, trades, suppliers and approving agencies.

Edcara View Homes is known for his ability to develop excellent working relationships with clients that reflect his personal values of integrity, dependability and attention to detail. He is a tireless advocate for the homeowner to ensure that all work is done with quality and within budgetary parameters.

Edcara View Homes is keenly interested in ensuring that a project becomes the home of client's dreams.

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Your custom home begins with your vision.

Your custom home begins with your vision. Whether your vision is clear or you come with a few basic concepts we can help you fill in the blanks and create the home that you imagine. We listen to your ideas and discuss your needs and lifestyle, and plan according to your style and budget. We assess potential building sites to ensure the site chosen is suitable to achieve your vision. Architects take your ideas and create the initial design that is then reviewed and perfected until it becomes the plan that reflects your dream home.



Our experienced team of professional staff will dedicate themselves to making your vision a reality.

We offer skilled guidance through all aspects of the creation of your home from the foundation up, including the building process, energy saving options, design and decor, and even landscaping. With our unrivaled workmanship and comprehensive after sales service, you will enjoy complete confidence knowing that your home will be built to your exact specifications and will boast the exemplary workmanship for which our craftsmen are so well-known.

Please call us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss how Edcara View Homes can assist you in bringing the special home you have always wanted out of your mind's eye and into existence on the property of your choice. If you own property and have a special home design in mind, please contact our custom home representative, at 519.591.0231, and get started today on your dream home for tomorrow.

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We listen to your ideas and discuss your needs and lifestyle, and plan according to your style and budget. We assess potential building sites to ensure the site chosen is suitable to achieve your vision. Architects take your ideas and create the initial design that is then reviewed and perfected until it becomes the plan that reflects your dream home. Once a site is chosen and the plans complete, we provide a personal project plan that includes a budget and a timeline for completion. We are committed to precise planning to eliminate budget overruns or delays in the timeline. Expenses are reported to you monthly and there are no hidden charges. Costs are tracked and book keeping is transparent.


The build process begins when we coordinate with surveyors, engineers, and city officials. For in town clients, once we break ground on your home, we meet regularly to ensure you are well-informed of both building development and budget progress. For our out of town clients we provide weekly reports and on site pictures to enable you to see your project assembled before your eyes. Clients from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba can avoid frequent trips to town as we manage every aspect of the build and provide detailed communication, pictures and video to ensure you are a part of seeing your vision become a reality. We pride ourselves in taking the worry and stress out of building a home.

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We are a passionate team of designers and builders that strive to achieve excellence in every area of the design + build process.

Our ultimate goal is to create homes that are built to the most exacting standards, resulting in aesthetically striking, functional homes that embody our client's personal tastes. Through careful planning and thoughtful execution our homes are built to last you a lifetime.



Custom home features can be found in many different homes. They are those special touches that make homes unique and compelling for others. Some may be very small and add convenience while others may be more noticeable and add flair that just does not exist in every home. Others may merely add a welcome and practicable touch. Some are merely trendy and short lived while others are timeless. They are only limited by your imagination to design and create.

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Open Concept describes the overall feeling of openness in a home. This is a feature that contemporary home buyers frequently describe as one of their needs. Large open and inviting entrances leading to high ceilings in the main living and dining areas are often the centre piece of this particular feature. When the layout of a home is designed well with lots of natural light and an open concept in mind the result can be inviting and sometimes dramatic. The home just feels right is often the reaction from people who walk into these types of homes.


Increasingly many people, especially those more senior, are looking for the convenience of main floor living. This means having at least the great/family room, kitchen/dining, main bedrooms/bathrooms, office/den, entertainment/office areas and laundry/storage areas on the main floor. Not having to navigate up and down stairs each and every day and throughout the day is a feature that most people really enjoy. Ranchers offer this my design but many other styles of homes can also offer it along with added rooms on other levels intended primarily for guests.



Breakfast nooks and eat in kitchens are popular and they can be arranged in many different ways with easy access to the kitchen. Formal dining rooms are features that seem to come and go but they are starting to make a comeback as people slowdown from their hurried lives and look for ways to relax. When designing these areas consider how accessible they will be from a traffic point of view and also whether or not you will be able to see the mess created in the kitchen while you sit down to eat. Also consider how much light will be natural and how much will be added via light fixtures and lamps. Bright and airy should be the order of the day when it comes to these well used areas.


The kitchen is often one of the most used rooms in a home so why not ensure that it is designed for efficiency. Layout should be first and foremost at top of mind. Where to place the stove/oven, refrigerator and sink so that the workflow makes sense should be a priority. The number of sinks and ovens (yes double ovens can be a great feature) should be next on the list. How many of the major appliances will be built into the surrounding cabinetry? Will there be an island, where will it be placed and how large will it be? Will the island house any appliances or just functional storage? Will there be a pantry or butler's pantry with easy access to the kitchen. Will the cabinetry contain smaller features like on counter appliance garages, deep easy open and soft close full extension drawers, warming drawers, and pull out vertical drawers for spices? The list goes on and one. Other features like pot fillers also add convenience while at the same time making a statement about luxury.

Staircases & Railings


The great room is a newer creation that appeared in the 1990s as higher end builders looked for a way to demonstrate affluence in the features of the home. This room is often distinguishable by its central location and high ceilings (11-12 feet and higher up to and including the upper level of the home) and windows. The room intends to generate spaciousness and exude a majestic and even opulent feeling in really high end homes. In theory the great room combines the family and living rooms but in practice homes can have one, two or all three of these rooms. Each may contain added features such as fireplaces. Casual, more formal or a great central room often describes the difference between the family, living, and great rooms. Family and living room combinations were often found in older homes while great rooms and living rooms are often found in newer homes. The next time you want to start a spirited dinner conversation ask someone to describe the difference between these three rooms.


The interior finishing of a home is often what sets home apart from one another. Two homes covering the same spatial area can be valued hundreds of thousands of dollars apart just because of the type and level of interior finishing details of each of the homes. One home can be finished with basic trim while another can offer luxury and details that can best be described as uncommon and lavish. Where the home sits on the interior finishing detail scale will have a significant bearing on its market value. Wall, floor and ceiling finishes are but three example. Ceilings can have crown moulding, tray ceiling designs and finishing details that are more ornate and luxurious. Floor hardwood and tiling can vary dramatically in price and statement. Wall finishing can include wainscoting and even more elaborate covering. Built in cabinetry and other architectural features will add to the overall look and feel of a home.


We believe that people don't just purchase a home but they purchase a lifestyle




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